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Simon Evans

TAO Group
Since joining the TAO Group in 2015, Simon has been responsible for some of the company’s biggest openings and most iconic productions. From the ground breaking 8k resolution LED content at Marquee Singapore to the jaw dropping 360 animations on display in Ling Ling - one of our newest venues located on Palm Island in Dubai. His keen eye for detail combined with his desire to push the boundaries of AV within our spaces can be shown right here in Las Vegas too, showcasing his new designs at Omnia, Hakkasan, Marquee and Tao Beach.

As co-founder of top creative studio - Visual Artform, their client list features some of the industry's biggest names, from MTV to Fisher, the Black Eyed Peas to Kygo and of course overseeing all of TAO Groups worldwide properties. Now after a heavy global artist touring schedule covering 100+ countries, he’s finally ready to sit down and welcome everyone at LDI for an insight into his pixel crunching mind while discussing some of our newest projects.