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Ryan Chung

Possible Inc.
Executive Producer
I am a co-founder and EP at POSSIBLE. I help lead our team of producers in bridging the creative intent of our partners with the design and technical expertise of our artists. Our team strives to create lasting and impactful moments of spectacle and delight for audiences around the world. Our studio has over ten years of experience in visual design and animation across a variety of fields, most notably live productions, broadcast events, and brand activations. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver for a variety of clients, including music heavyweights such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Blackpink, Childish Gambino, and Paul McCartney; cultural touchstones like the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Coachella, and League of Legends World Finals; and perennial broadcast events including the Billboard Music Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and the CMA Awards.