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Neel Vasavada

Overdrive Energy Solutions
 Neel Vasavada is a driving force in the movement to bring green technology to the events industry. His engineering background and experience with both sustainable energy and live entertainment led him to found Overdrive Energy Solutions.
Since completing his mechanical engineering degree, Neel has spent nearly 2 decades working on control systems and engineering consulting for prototype, research & development electric vehicle projects. He became involved in live events starting in 2012, and has led business development for capital equipment suppliers and tech companies. The same analytical/data backed approach to sustainability worked well in growing these businesses, and during the pandemic downtime, he brought these skillset together to form Overdrive Energy Solutions.

Since its inception in 2021, Overdrive have been revolutionizing the world of live events, starting with outdoor events in the LA area, then growing the the largest solar powered stage ever done in the US with Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion. In August of 2023, Overdrive made history with the largest temporary solar field ever for a US festival, powering parts of Billie Eilish’s headlining set at Lollapalooza 2023. Moving forward, Neel is committed to developing cost-efficient, reliable and clean energy system for live events - and beyond.