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David Hopkins

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Resorts World Theater, Lighting Manager
With a humble entry into the entertainment scene in 1995, I was invited by a close friend from the band Third Eye Blind to step in for a member in need. Little did I know, what began as a temporary arrangement turned into a multi-year stint that kickstarted my journey. Since then, my career blossomed, marked by a trail of successful tours with renowned artists like Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, and Earth Wind & Fire, to name a few.
Transitioning into the realm of television, my work on American Ninja Warrior earned me an honorable mention in PLSN magazine. I owe my finesse in live television production to my mentor, the esteemed Paul Bell, who guided me during projects like ACMA and Miss Universe. A pivotal moment came when I was entrusted with illuminating the Raiders Ground Breaking event in Las Vegas, where I fittingly incorporated 48 7K fixtures on the 50-yard line, symbolizing lives lost during the Route 91  Tragedy. —an emotionally charged endeavor that left an indelible mark on the city.
My journey further flourished through two decades with Local 720 IATSE, amassing 28 years of expertise in entertainment lighting. The next chapter beckoned when I was invited to contribute to AEG's production team, tasked with constructing and operating the Resorts World Theater—an opportunity that underscores my enduring commitment to shaping unforgettable experiences in the world of entertainment.