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David Perkins

Imaginary Labs
Chief Visionary
David Perkins began his career in theatre where he began doing renderings for stage design, eventually programming and running lights. In 2010, David moved from Florida to Los Angeles and joined Silent House Productions at its formation. There, he was responsible for renderings, drafting, and helping bring the designers' visions to life. In 2014, David left Silent House to join the team at VER, a new challenge, rendering stages and lights at 60fps. This was the start of his journey into previz.

Upon the birth of his twin boys, David left VER and he and his wife relocated back to Orlando. This move also led to the birth of Imaginary Lights, David's own company focused exclusively on visualization. Due to the shortcomings of current industry tools, David began work on an internal previz tool using Unreal Engine. This work accelerated in 2019 and, as a result, he formed a sister company, Imaginary Labs, now tasked with fleshing out this early work and bringing this tech to the world in the form of the tool now known as Carbon.