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Anna Robinson

Associate Creative Director
At POSSIBLE, I construct, imagine, and create visual narratives and design identities for a wide array of clients and projects. My process entails weaving together hidden and unique ideas into a cohesive creative direction and then working alongside a team of producers and artists to bring that vision to life on stage, in broadcast, or even on a mobile platform. With a background in scenic design, theater, film, graphic design, and as a hip hop dancer in my spare time, I work to blend all these worlds to create exciting and memorable performance experiences for audiences, fans, and performers alike. I am always pushing the boundaries and striving to create a visceral feeling of wonderment. Projects include: The League of Legends Worlds Opening Ceremony 2020-2023, Louis the Game ,and Magic Malle Installation, Spotify Stream On: Justin Bieber, and Blackpink World Tour 2022